Lab/Project Info

Contact info:

Student Assistant/Makerspace specialist: Taylor Waddell

Student Assistant/Makerspace specialist: Clayton Custer 

Teaching Assistant: Gerardo A. Mazzei Capote


March 3rd:

Brief explanation of project: What is being done? Why?

Preliminary designs and manufacturing considerations: Preliminary part drawings or STLs. Preliminary selection of material and AM technology to be used based on the aim of the project.

Proposed first print trial, experiments, or similar: Try to think ahead and prepare a course of action to properly execute your project. As an example, here are some unknowns that could pose problems to your project, and need to be answered through print trials or experiments: What’s the minimum feature size we can reproduce?Can I produce this part without support? Can the assembly be printed in one go or do we require multiple prints?Additionally, consider other steps that are necessary for the project’s success that may not be directly related to AM. For instance:part measurements, use of 3D scanners,post processing, etc.

Between March 4th and March 8th:

Feedback from TA and Student Assistants on the project proposal will be sent. You may begin your trials and experiments immediately after. Between this date, and the first project update, machine time will be limited to 8 hours per print.This will force you to carefully optimize your print time. Consider manipulating print parameters, or using other resources, such as topology optimization.

April 5th:

First project update due. Must include: 

Execution of print trials and experiments proposed. Carefully document the results of what you proposed during the project proposal phase. This includes pictures, data, mechanical drawings, etc. Were your experiments successful? Did the results merit a redesign or a reconsideration of the part design, material, or even the chosen AM technology?Include the print time of each print you performed. Indicate how you will improve the design of your part based on what you have learned up to this project report.

Between April 6th and April 18th:

Initialize your design and print your part. During this period, machine time will be limited to 12 hours per print.

April 19th:

Second project update due.Document the process of developing the finalized part. Show your part performing its intended function. Describe any final obstacles and include the print time of each print you performed.

April 26th:

Project report due. This report needs to be formatted using the SPE paper guidelines(see SPE format document). Document must not exceed 5 pages. Summarize the project proposal, trials and results in formal terms.



Grading remarks:

You will lose 1 point per grammatical error, with a maximum penalty of 10 points per report. You will lose 5 points per day for late deliveries, with a maximum penalty of 15 points. No report will be accepted past 3 days of the proposed delivery date, effectively rendering the grade for the assignment as null.